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A treat for someone


Our monetary vouchers are available in any denomination
from just 10.00

You just need to tell us
how much you'd like to spend.

Whilst the minimum sessional charge is 26.00,

vouchers purchased for smaller amounts can always be

used as part payment towards ANY of our regular sessions.

Many people prefer not to divulge the cost of their gift.

So we offer a choice of three vouchers
that simply display the duration of the session.

45 minutes  - 26.00
One Hour    -    34.00
Hour and a half  - 48.00

Do you sometimes find it hard to think of something
a little bit out of the ordinary to buy for someone you love or care about?

Very few of us afford time just for ourselves because we all live busy lives
and feel there's always something more important.

So when you give someone a Condor Gift Voucher, you are actually giving them a special gift of time;
quality time for that special person to be just a little bit spoiled.

The actual voucher will be secured inside one of our own presentation cards that you will need to select; you'll see there's a button at the bottom of the page when you're ready.

All of our cards are photo quality and come neatly contained in their own tailored envelope; ideal to slip into a greetings card.

Please note that each of the card designs has a reference number that you'll need to quote when ordering.  When you are ready to order, you can either use our Contact Form or phone us on 01822 618994.

As all our gift vouchers are numbered, you won't even need to pay in advance.

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over a voucher
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and see the options
Gift Ideas

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