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About Condor

Since qualifying, we each chose different post-graduate modalities in which to specialise
but we still share a preferred holistic approach to our work.

When our clients arrive in need of more than a Recreational / Chillout Massage,
we work with them in a way that is intended to restore and maintain an overall natural balance
to allow for improvement and recovery to take place from within; in other words, we encourage the body to heal itself.

You'll probably realise that this is in complete contrast to that of the Allopathic, (Western medical), approach
which, more often than not, tends to treat the prevailing symptoms in isolation
as opposed to treating the patient as a whole.

Clearly, some people are less comfortable than others with the holistic approach and that's fine.

Analgesics for aches and pains, Psychoactive drugs for insomnia,
Anti-Inflammatories, Anti-Depressants etc. are now often seen as, 'The Norm'
and we too sometimes need to consult our G.P. but we don't claim to be alternative therapists;
we are Complementary Practitioners and that isn't just a play on words.

By familiarising ourselves with your general state of health and wellbeing,
we can be as sure as possible that any action we propose will be of benefit to you
and will not conflict with any other treatments, therapies or medication that you may be taking.

We maintain that no one is too old; our oldest clients are well into their eighties
and no one is too young; babies particularly love to be massaged but please be aware
that ANYONE under the age of sixteen MUST have an adult stay with them during every session.

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