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Just before you go, we want to say a huge Thank You for looking in and spending time.

We have put a few bits and pieces together for this page for which we can take no credit.
There are just a few video clips and written pieces that we think
are quite emotive / inspirational and hope you will too.

We intend to keep adding to this page so even if you get to look through them all now,
maybe you'd like to come back, whenever you have a few minutes to spare, to see what's new.

To view them, just click on each of the lighter coloured links.

1 - A short video clip about an amazing Australian lad called Nick Vujicic
No Arms No Legs No Worries

2 - A Cherokee Legend entitled
The Wolves within

3 - A short video clip featuring Jessica Cox who,
despite being born with no arms, became the first licenced pilot.
Jessica Cox - Pilot

4 - A short story about
Two Men in Hospital

5 - A short video clip that really shows how something quite insignificant can affect
A very fine balance

6 - A passage by Tolstoy about an emporor's
Three Questions

7 - A short video clip highlighting a very negative side to a very popular piece of technology
Living life for the moment?

We hope you've enjoyed looking through the site but that's all there is for now.

Please take really good care of yourself and try to remember:

Although it's important to be good to other people
it's equally important to be good to yourself.

Thank you once again for looking in and we hope to see you soon.